Local Union 72 Membership

Everyone Deserves Union Work, Wages and Benefits

Throughout Georgia, hundreds of union construction craftsmen enjoy good wages, health care benefits, pensions and training opportunites, as well as safer job sites. However, there are also many unrepresented workers who find it difficult to get work, earn much less, have few benefits and no protection. They do the same skilled work as union members, take the same risks on the job, but receive nowhere near the wages and benefits they deserve.


With over 100 years of service and more than 3000 members, The Plumbers, Pipefitters and Service Technicians of Local Union 72 are dedicated to the communities where they live and work. They are committed to improving the quality of life in their communities and pledge their continuing support and involvement in the future of Georgia, Local 72 members, our apprentices and our signatory contractors.


As defined by Webster, BROTHERHOOD is:
1. All the members of a specific profession or trade.
2. An association, as a fraternity, united for common purposes.

Within the Local Union both definitions apply. Not only do we all share the same profession, we all care about one another's well being. If any member of the Union has illness orsome other misfortune, everyone pulls together to help the Brother or Sister through the tough times.

Brotherhood is not a negotiated benefit of being Union, it is more of a state of mind whereas the welfare of our membership is as important as the wages and benefits that we receive.

For information on becoming a member, visit or call any of the 4 UA Local #72 Offices listed below:

Atlanta - 374 Maynard Terrace, S.E. Atlanta, GA 30316 / 404-373-5778

Albany - 1900 Clark Avenue Albany, GA 31705 / 229-436-3929

Macon - 309 Main Street Macon, GA 31201 / 912-743-8606

Rome - 108 Darlington Road, Rome Ga. 30162 / 706-291-6635

Or you may do one of the following:
Contact an Officer
Fill out and submit an online Information Form for Application.