Burial Benefit Process

Brothers and Sisters, please inform your beneficiary of the Burial Benefit from Local Union 72. The following is the Burial Process.

  1. When a member has passed, contact the Finance Office (dues office) to report the death. The Finance office will need the members name, date of passing and name of funeral home being used. The Finance Office will contact the funeral home regarding payment.
  2. Finance Office contact information: Terry Newsome Jr - office, 404-373-5778 x26 cell, 404-937-0114 Michelle Kennedy - office, 404-373-5778 x17 or x31
  3. The Finance Office will mail or email a "Burial Benefit Application Form" to the beneficiary on file with Local Union 72. This form must be completed and returned with two (2) certified copies of the death certificate to the Finance Office.
  4. Burial Benefits from Local Union 72 will go toward funeral expense of the deceased member in good standings with Local Union 72. Once the funeral service is paid in full, the remaining money will be received by the beneficiary on file with Local Union 72, however, payment received by the beneficiary will be taxable per the IRS.
  5. The Finance Office will contact the UA upon receipt of the death certificates.
  6. The Finance Office will contact NEBA regarding passing of member. NEBA will help with any pension, annuity and insurance forms that will need to be completed by the beneficiary.
  7. Breakdown of Burial Benefits: Local Union 72 - $15,000.00 +/-, UA - $2,500.00 (must be with LU72 & UA 6 months or longer and in good standings at time of death)
  8. Burial Benefit from Health & Welfare (if eligible): active employee and retirees without Medicare - $10,000.00, active employee loss of spouse or child - $2,000.00, retiree under age 65 with Medicare (disabled retiree) - $10,000.00, retiree age 65 or older with Medicare - $5,000.00