I am a member of UA Local Union 72 and I have reached the point in my career where I am ready to retire and walk away. What can I expect? What are my options?

UA Local Union 72 offers its members one of the premier pension plans in any industry. We offer an early retirement package for members reaching the age of 58 and have 35 years of credited service. We offer a wide variety of plan options from that point forward for plan members and surviving spouses. UA Local 72 also offers an annuity plan that complements the retirement plan to ensure that in these times of uncertainty with our Social Security system that a member can retire and live a comfortable lifestyle.

UA Local Union 72 retirees are a vibrant and important part of our fabric. They are held with the highest regard and esteem for the contributions they make to our organization and industry throughout their careers. The knowledge and wisdom our retirees have is passed down to our younger members. It is a value which a price cannot be attached. Retirees are welcome at all monthly union meetings and have a monthly meeting of their own for fellowship and information. UA Local Union 72 will never forget or discredit the contributions that our forbearers have made and are committed to pass on to those that follow us. UA 72 is an organization to be proud of, for those who are here now and those who came before us.