UA Local Union 72 provides welders for construction projects and shop fabrication in the Atlanta area and its outlying areas with a workforce of over 350 certified pressure pipe and support welders ready and available to handle any pipe welding application. All of our certified welders after becoming certified in a welding process are given additional training that ultimately helps them to produce timely, quality welds not only in a controlled test environment but also in the construction environment.

Our experience in building and maintaining power generation plants, industrial manufacturing plants, institutional facilities, and commercial worksites guarantees a broad base of knowledge available to our contractors and end users. A proven track record of low weld reject rates ensures that the welding performed using Local Union 72's welder's finishes safely, on time, and under budget.

Through the National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau, our welders are pretested and qualified in the following processes:

  • SMAW - Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • GTAW - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • GMAW - Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • Automated GTAW Processes

With 78 pre-qualified ASME welding procedures, we have the manpower and skills to meet your most demanding pipe welding project. Our state of the art weld training facility has the capacity to train up to 80 welders simultaneously in multiple welding procedures along with classrooms and an auditorium to provide safety training and metallurgic training that goes well beyond simply joining two pieces of material together. Our facility is staffed with Certified Welding Inspectors and Authorized Testing Representatives that have years of on the job training themselves. When you need a welder remember UA Local Union 72 and our contractors any other choice would be a compromise.