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Why would I use a UA Local Union 72 contractor on my project?

Why would I want to be a Local Union 72 Contractor?

If you are reading this and you are preparing to build or renovate an office building, a hospital or perhaps even a manufacturing plant or it could be that you are responsible for a critical DATA storage Center that is in need of yearly preventative maintenance do you have a choice in the market place that will assure you of receiving quality service at a reasonable rate?

If you need plumbing installation or plumbing service, heating/air conditioning installation or service, industrial piping, design build proposals, or any service related to the piping industry the signatory contractors of UA Local Union 72 have the ability to exceed your expectations. Through a strategic partnership UA Local Union 72 contractors and UA Local Union 72 brings to the plate a team that is united with one common goal from the contractor's top CEO right down to the apprentice on day one of his first project.

Our contractors utilizing UA Local Union 72 members have the comfort of knowing that they can request needed manpower from a pool of the best trained, most highly skilled workforce available in the industry whether it might be top of the line project supervision or an entry level apprentice. The contractors also have the ease of mind knowing that the officers and staff of Local Union 72 are always on the ready to assist them in any way that helps them to be successful on their projects. Through our unique partnership the contractors and the Local Union communicate openly sharing forthcoming project manpower needs, key points of interest and lessons learned to assure that the contractors are profitable on their projects and that the construction managers, general contractors, owners and end users that our contractors service are receiving the quality product they desire and deserve.

If you are currently using the signatory contractors of UA Local Union 72 on your projects you understand the value they offer, if you are not ask yourself, why not? If you are a mechanical contractor and you are not currently signatory to Local Union 72 are you not tired of hiring workers from the internet or through ads in papers? Tired of spending valuable time holding interviews? How tired are you of often times supplying less than qualified workers representing your company's name and reputation on your projects exposing your company to unnecessary risks? Do you feel that you are on an island with no support and with nowhere to turn? UA Local Union 72 has an open door policy for new contractors - come and sit down with us and let us show you what we have to offer. No matter what your need may be you will not be disappointed.