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One of our primary goals is to fill all your employment needs by providing the best trained most experienced and skilled drug-free craftsman available anywhere. With our extensive pool of workers, you’ll always have the craftsmen you need to increase or decrease the size of your workforce helping to regulate payroll costs and increasing profitability.

Job Site Safety is our Standard of Excellence

The Union Industry has nearly 15 times fewer accidents then the U.S. National construction average.  - Recent NWI Times study

The safety of your job site is of great importance to all of our UA Members, and we make sure their training supports that goal. Through OSHA Compliance and un-matched hours of training, our members are able to provide the highest quality of work and a safer job site for your projects.

U.S. National Construction Accident Average

Union AverageFifteen Times Less Than the National Average National Average of

Annually, the UA Spends


DollarsTraining Members for the Future.

The Experience and Knowledge of our Plumbers is un-matched.

Through a partnership with contractors in the Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Industrial Piping, Commercial HVAC Service and Residential Service, we established and fund the Joint Apprentice Training Trust. Apprentices are offered the industries best five year training program with over 10,000 hours of on the job training.

The UA 72 of Atlanta has the...

The Manpower Capability

The UA 72 is a growing resource of Plumbing and Mechanical workers with the ability to draw upon 320,000 members to complete your large scale projects.

OSHA Compliance

Studies by Bourdon, Levitt & Northrup indicate Union construction labor provides a more sophisticated, formal OSHA training environment vs. Non-Union labor. - David Weil Boston University.

Safe practices should be second nature to every UA member, and UA members should demand such practices of one another. If you see someone doing something unsafe, call them on it. Demand they do what’s safe not just what’s convenient.

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